We’re solving a problem we ourselves faced.

With rehook you run, track and manage powerful user-promotions that deliver high-impact results.

The only solution you will ever need to run flexible, trackable and scalable promotions- all wrapped up in an elegant, easy-to-use interface.

Fueling growth across
RIGI partners with rehook to launch user-promotion campaigns.
GapUp joins hands with rehook to run leaderboard, coupon, discount and acquisition campaigns.
Vance partners with rehook to maximize conversions with powerful user-promotions.
Abhi partners with rehook to launch user-incentives and promotions.
Tube11 partners with rehook to maximize conversions with powerful user-promotions.
Rehook onboards tendo to empower their user-promotion campaigns
Savein trusts rehook to launch powerful user-promotion campaigns.
Medicine delivery platform partners with rehook to increase revenue with engaging user-promotion campaigns.
Fintech giant peppermoney partners with rehook to launch coupons, referrals and loyalty.
ZYWA trusts rehook to run user-incentives and engagement campaigns.

About Rehook

Rehook is a powerful and dedicated promotion engine that empowers businesses to launch powerful user-incentives that boost engagement, drive revenue growth and increase conversions at every step of the customer journey. A complete stack which lets you run referral, loyalty, action-based rewards, discounts, coupons, leaderboards, challenges streaks, tiers and more. All of it with complete freedom to customize and powerful controls to track, optimize and scale.
With rehook's robust promotion engine, marketers can simply build upon rules to generate any user-incentive campaign in no time. Rehook lets you experiment and personalize campaigns around user segments, geographies, demographics, journeys and any other attribute- without any tech effort

Our Story

We're a passionate bunch of experienced developers, seasoned marketers, and entrepreneurs, who came together upon noticing the struggles with running user incentivization campaigns successfully. We set out to build Rehook, a powerful yet comprehensive tool that will help businesses to run, manage, and scale promotions without the need for developer support at every step.
Meet the Founders
We're empowering leading businesses worldwide to run impactful promotions that drive revenue growth, improve margins and maximize their growth potential.
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Akhil Suhag
Co-founder & CEO
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Akshay Suhag
Co-founder & COO
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Mukul Anand
Co-founder & CPO
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Tushar Dhara
Co-founder & CTO
Take the first steps towards growth
Every user-interaction is a promotional opportunity. Unlock the power of personalized, high-impact promotions that boost growth, user engagement and retention - without any tech effort.