Custom rewards that motivate engagement at every step of your user's journey!

With rehook you run, track and manage powerful user-promotions that deliver high-impact results.

Deliver versatile campaigns to reward users based on any action taken, pause made, task completion, milestone achieved, past behavior or journey.

Points delivered successfully!
Promote customer engagement, acknowledge every pause and shape user-behavior by launching powerfully personalized custom rewards.

Leverage every user-interaction to boost engagement and revenue.

Define rewarding journeys that prompt users into taking desired actions that boost engagement and drive revenue growth.
Target the right user , with the right incentive based on any user-action, paused activity, past behavior or any other relevant criteria.
Create a cohesive user experience that maximizes both engagement and conversion by leveraging every user-touchpoint.
Prompt users into taking swift actions by running time-based rewards.

100% managed and automated wallets

Eliminate the hassle of building, maintaining and tracking multiple loyalty ledgers. Allow customers to collect and manage their loyalty rewards by easily setting up fully automated, custom wallets.
Track and manage loyalty reward history, transactions and spends..
Run multiple custom wallets with any currency.
Automate the management, auditing and reconciliation of multiple loyalty ledgers.
Personalized campaigns that capture every user's attention
Run finely-targeted campaigns that recognize and keep up with your user's evolving behaviors and needs. Launch personalized rewards for specific user-segments to target common user attributes such as location, age, behavior gender, preferences and more
Run personalized rewards for specific user-segments to target common user profiles such location, age, behavior gender, preferences and more
Build incentive campaigns with dynamic user-segments that promptly capture and auto-update as soon as a user performs a desired action.
Build custom rewards that efficiently engage both active users and those who need more encouragement.
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We're empowering leading businesses worldwide to run impactful promotions that drive revenue growth, improve margins and maximize their growth potential.
RIGI joins hands with rehook to power coupons and discount campaigns.
The Future of user-promotions
In just days, empowered us to launch highly customizable coupons and discounts, saving 6-7 months worth of internal development time. Now, as we gear up for the next phase, we plan to introduce leaderboards and action-based rewards to further maximize conversions, engagement and retention.
Swapnil Saurav
Co-Founder & CEO, Rigi
Large fintech Abhi joins hands with rehook to launch powerful referral campaigns.
An Indispensable Asset for Growth has been a game-changer for us, actively contributing to the success of our promotions. The capabilities to track and optimize the campaign's performance in real time and their 24x7 support allow us to refine campaigns seamlessly, making an invaluable asset for all our growth endeavors
Moeen Abid
Vance partners with rehook to launch user-promotions and boost user engagement.
Powerful customization capabilities's standout feature lies in its remarkable customization capabilities. We initially partnered with rehook to launch one specific campaign, but the solution's flexibility led us to deploy three more already. Packed with robust analytics, powerful tracking, and round-the-clock support, it elevates our promotional strategies.
Arnav Grover
Product & strategy, Vance
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Every user-interaction is a promotional opportunity. Unlock the power of personalized, high-impact promotions that boost growth, user engagement and retention - without any tech effort.