Build Flexible, Fully Automated Digital Wallets with

Build Flexible Digital Wallets with

Build multiple custom wallets in any currency, track overall wallet activity and automate the management of multiple ledgers with

a year ago
2 min read is a powerful promotion engine that offers a comprehensive solution empowering businesses to create and manage multiple e-wallets in any reward currency of their choice. With this solution, businesses can create as many e-wallets as required, each tailored to a specific user-segment or cohort.

Build multiple, fully customizable digital wallets with gives businesses the freedom to completely customize the reward system within the user e-wallets.

With wallets on, businesses can customize and run their preferred wallet currency like- diamonds, coins, stars or any other currency that encourages a unique and branded experience for their users. Additionally, multiple digital wallets can be created for each digital currency, enabling easy reward activation and redemption in the desired currency.

Reward in any currency with digital wallet solution offers the flexibility to choose specific timeframes for reward activation and expiry. By specifying the number of days after which points expire, businesses can not only create a sense of urgency, but also manage campaign budgets optimally thus motivating customers to redeem their rewards in a timely manner.

Fully Customizable Digital Wallets
Learn how you can build multiple custom wallets in any currency, track overall wallet activity and automate the management of multiple ledgers.

The foundation of any successful user promotion campaign lies in its ability to track and manage customer transactions and ledgers accurately. By creating wallets on, businesses gain access to a centralized hub to monitor all earning and redeeming transactions. This comprehensive view allows for better insights into customer behavior, enabling businesses to make informed decisions for future campaigns.

Enjoy completely automated and managed tracking and wallet ledger management with

The wallet dashboard (as seen in the image above) gives businesses access to detailed wallet analytics and reward transaction history. This means, once integrated, only a few clicks give businesses access to valuable insights such as points awarded, active points, dormant points, and expired points. This comprehensive overview helps businesses understand the effectiveness of their user-promotion campaigns and make data-driven decisions for further campaign optimization.

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