Product Update: Game-changing features that elevate your promotional capabilities

Product Update: Game-changing features that elevate your promotional capabilities

Explore's latest product release, packed with features to supercharge your user-promotion strategies.

5 months ago
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Greetings from team!!!

As we kickstart 2024, we're thrilled to announce's latest release and updates. Our latest release brings in a host of features that have been built to elevate your experience with our all-in-one user promotion and growth platform. Our efforts for this quarter have been all about refining and expanding Rehook's capabilities to empower our promotion engine with deep analytics, precise customization controls and dashboard additions that give you the flexibility to run ANY user-promotion with ease.

Let's dive right in!

#1 Level up your Coupon and Discount Campaigns

Our latest Coupons module is here, brimming with exciting feature additions and enhancements that will supercharge your coupon campaigns.

Coupon Module Highlights:‌‌

1. Various rewarding options to choose from:

  • Discount Amount: Offer enticing discounts, which could be a percentage strike or a flat amount.‌‌Example: "Get 20% off" or "Flat $10 discount.‌‌
  • Cashback Amount: Reward customers with cashback coupon code redemption.‌‌Example: Provide a 15% discount with the code "SAVE15" or offer a $5 cashback for using the code "CASHBACK5."

2. Coupon code generation and distribution made simple:

  • Fixed Coupon Codes: Create your own stand-alone, unique codes. ‌‌Example: "NEW20" for targeted promotions. Share the code "HOLIDAY25" for an exclusive holiday discount.
  • Bulk Coupon Codes: Generate large batches of codes and distribute them among your users to bring an upswing in participation.‌‌Example: Create 100 unique codes in the format "SPRING2023-001" for a seasonal sale.

Discount applicability options: Validations that give you complete control over :

How you INCENTIVIZE --> which USER --> basis what ACTION:

  • Whole Cart Discount: Apply discounts or cashback on the entire cart amount.‌‌Example: "Buy items worth $100 and get 10% off the total cart value."
  • Whole Cart 'Excluding certain SKUs/ Products': Offer discounts while excluding specific items.‌‌Example: "Get 15% off the cart, except for items in the 'Electronics' category."
  • Selected Items: Apply discounts to specific products or categories.‌‌Example: "Purchase any 'Fashion' items and receive a $5 cashback."
  • Discount Validations with Precision:‌‌Set conditions for discounts based on cart or product properties.‌‌Example: "Get a 20% discount when you buy 3 or more 'Home Decor' items."

Redemption limits for complete control:‌‌‌‌ Set redemption limits per user and/or per coupon code to control usage and spend.‌‌Example: Limit code usage to once per day per user or up to 100 times in a month.

#2 Wallet Module Revamped: Precision meets performance

Some key upgrades that let you do more with your user wallets. More flexibility, even greater control and insights.

Wallet Ledger/ Analytics
‌‌Gain complete visibility and control of wallet dynamics with complete ledger management and deeper insights. Track various transaction types including active, rewarded, expired, redeemed, removed and dormant points.

Bulk Debit/Credit Actions
‌‌Efficiency meets control with our new bulk debit/credit feature. Easily execute any bulk actions for specific segments or all users. A great example to explain this: "Debit 100 points from the wallets of users with delayed repayment" - streamlining wallet management end to end.‌‌‌‌

Custom Filters for Precision in Sorting
‌‌View all transaction related data with a custom view, using exact filters for sorting.‌‌Whether its transaction type, amount, debit/credit source or more - these added filters provide you with granular control. That way, you focus on the transactions that matter the most to your business.

Enhanced Search Capabilities
Find specific user transactions in a jiffy with our seamless search functionality. Easily locate specific wallet transactions by customer ID or transaction ID, which will streamline the transaction retrieval process and save you a tonne of time.

#3 Effectively Evaluate the Campaign Performance by Setting Up Revenue Conversion Events

Adapt the analytics to align with your business goals and gain insights that truly matter. Our latest update empowers you to define revenue conversion events based on your campaign KPIs and objectives. Whether it's a sign-up, a purchase, or any other revenue-centric action, you're in control.

By defining 'Revenue Conversion Events' on your dashboard, you now have the capability to break down every user interaction into specific revenue-generating milestones. Understand the exact impact of each user action on your bottom line, allowing you to fine-tune your strategies with pinpoint precision.


With, you can track the success of your campaigns based on real, revenue-driving actions that you set up as conversion events.

For example, you can designate 'Order Success' as a conversion event, unraveling the direct ROI produced by your promotional campaigns. But you don't need stop there—associate each order success with the 'Order Total,' enabling you to measure not just quantity but the actual monetary value generated by your user-promotion campaigns.

Track Campaign Participation Like Never Before:

Understanding the contribution of each campaign participant has never been more crucial. Revenue Conversion Events allow you to dissect the effectiveness of your campaigns, providing a comprehensive view of who is driving the most significant impact on your revenue.

Armed with detailed insights into the ROI and performance of your promotional campaigns, you're equipped to make informed decisions that drive your business forward. Whether it's optimizing ad spend, refining targeting strategies, or adjusting messaging, your decisions are backed by real, revenue-centric data.

#4 Cutting-edge Analytics for Enhanced Campaign Optimization!

Unmatched Performance Monitoring:'s newly updated Analytics dashboard empowers you with the ability to set and track Target Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), ensuring your campaigns are aligned with your strategic goals.

Gauge success with precision using key metrics such as 'Referral Signup Rate', 'User Growth', 'Conversions' or any other metrics that you want to set, track and analyze. These Success KPIs provide real-time insights into the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns, enabling you to make informed decisions on the fly.

Cost KPIs for Smart Campaign Expense Management:
Keep a tight grip on your incentive campaign expenses with our Cost KPIs. Easily track and manage your investment with detailed insights, ensuring your budget is optimized for maximum impact.

Revenue KPIs for Unleashing Profit Potential:
Witness the impact of your promotional campaigns on your bottom line with Revenue KPIs. Track Referral revenue, orders, campgin ROI, Repeat orders, and Cost to revenue ratio effortlessly, providing a holistic view of your campaign's impact and performance.

Dynamic Charts for Profound Insights:
Leverage our intuitive Dynamic Charts with customizable date filters to gain profound insights into the performance trends of your promotional campaigns. Whether you need a daily, weekly, or monthly view, our charts adapt to your preferences, offering a visual representation of your campaign's journey.

#5 Enhanced Customization: Wallet Filter in the rule engine

In our latest release, we're excited to introduce a groundbreaking feature - Wallet Filters in the Promotion Rule Engine. This enhancement empowers you to categorize users with precision based on their wallet transactions, changing how you tailor your engagement strategies.

1. Create Tailored Rules for Incentives:

Utilize wallet filters to design rules that cater to specific user behaviors. For example, craft a rule that rewards users with a 20% coupon upon every successful order if they maintain a minimum of 500 wallet points.

2. Segment Users for Targeted Engagement:

Now, you can create user segments based on their wallet activities, opening up unprecedented possibilities for targeted engagement. Identify and group users falling within a certain point range, enabling you to tailor promotions, campaigns, and communications to specific user cohorts.

3. Comprehensive Analytics for Informed Decision-Making:

The integration of wallet filters not only aids in rule creation but also contributes to comprehensive analytics. Gain insights into user behavior based on wallet transactions, allowing you to refine and optimize your engagement strategies over time.

#6 Custom Role Management & Campaign Access Controls

The introduction of custom role management allows for the creation of specific roles to restrict user access rights. For instance, a marketing manager can be granted access solely to the campaign module, ensuring limited access based on their role within the organization. By granting access based on roles, contributes to a more efficient workflow.

More updates soon! remains committed to refining and expanding its capabilities, providing users with a robust, all-in-one platform for user promotion and growth. Experience the future of precise promotion campaigns and analytics.

At, your growth is our priority!!!


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