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Launch high-performing referral campaigns that boost acquistion, encourage user-engagement and propels brand loyalty. All without any dev effort.

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Accelerate referrals with rewards that inspire continued word-of-mouth and foster loyalty.
Run dual-sided referral programs with rewards that engage both existing and new users.
Launch tiered campaigns with multiplying reward levels that keep the referrals coming.
Tie rewards with any customer action that you prefer such as the first purchase, order value etc.

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Delight the right user, with the right reward. Personalize rewards to maximize conversions and tailor every step of the referral journey!
Create a finely-targeted referral program based on any unique-to-user attribute such as location, age, gender and more.
Build custom reward journeys in any way you like - whether its discounts, coupons, platform currency or third party vouchers.
Optimize every referral campaign's performance and spends with deep analytics and real-time tracking abilities.
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RIGI joins hands with rehook to power coupons and discount campaigns.
The Future of user-promotions
In just days, empowered us to launch highly customizable coupons and discounts, saving 6-7 months worth of internal development time. Now, as we gear up for the next phase, we plan to introduce leaderboards and action-based rewards to further maximize conversions, engagement and retention.
Swapnil Saurav
Co-Founder & CEO, Rigi
Large fintech Abhi joins hands with rehook to launch powerful referral campaigns.
An Indispensable Asset for Growth has been a game-changer for us, actively contributing to the success of our promotions. The capabilities to track and optimize the campaign's performance in real time and their 24x7 support allow us to refine campaigns seamlessly, making an invaluable asset for all our growth endeavors
Moeen Abid
Vance partners with rehook to launch user-promotions and boost user engagement.
Powerful customization capabilities's standout feature lies in its remarkable customization capabilities. We initially partnered with rehook to launch one specific campaign, but the solution's flexibility led us to deploy three more already. Packed with robust analytics, powerful tracking, and round-the-clock support, it elevates our promotional strategies.
Arnav Grover
Product & strategy, Vance
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